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What is FREEZiES freeze drying and just WHY does it make our candy so unbelievably tasty? 


1. During the FREEZiES freeze drying process, our machines are frozen down to -30 or more.


2. Then each treat is slowly heated to their own specific temperature. As the treats heat up the water is removed by sublimation, as the ice turns directly into vapor, bypassing the liquid state altogether.  

3. Now each treat comes out with 98%+ of its water content, gone. 

So 1, 2, 3 and... every treat has been FREEZiED. It's structure is now lighter, crunchier, and melt in your mouth perfect.  This also enhances and preserves original flavor molecules. Since water can dilute flavors, removing it concentrates the taste of our treats.  As a result, freeze-dried treats tend to have a more intense and purer flavor compared to their regular counterparts.

But don't be fooled!


The reason our treats are the best? Because we have taken the time to develop a specific temperature formula for each one. Allowing every treat to hit their full flavor and texture potential. 

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Years ago, during one of the hardest times of our lives, we made a last-minute decision that would change everything as we knew it. 

We bought our very first freeze dryer and decided to embark on this amazing candy journey. After hundreds and hundreds of hours testing treats, we finally had a product and a plan to last. 

Our small family operation grew from our home kitchen to a commercial kitchen and now we are headed for even bigger things.  Our candy journey is far from over.


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Here at FREEZiES we know that not all treats are created equally. Our amazing selection is complimented by our production process. 

One of the most common questions we get is why do our orders take so long to ship? 

Our lead time (3-10 Business Days) is because our inventory is based on what we have available to make. Your treats are made as they are ordered to ensure they comes to you as fresh and delicious as possible. No old treats sitting on a storage shelf for months. Once your order is made, it is hand packed by our family and then shipped directly from us to you. 

We live to make your day sweeter! 


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